Pay for value, not hours

Choose from two distinct pricing options based on your budget, scope, and goals.

With a Project you receive a proposal with a fixed-price quote, a no-risk cancellation policy, and an estimated completion date. Recommended for occasional, short-term jobs with well-defined requirements.

With a Fractional Developer Plan you pay for a number of "Developer Days" each month. A report at the end of the month shows you how I converted each Dev Day into value-adding results for your organization. Best for recurring, long-term collaborations with rapidly-changing requirements.

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Which option is right for me?

Both my Project and Fractional Developer contracts are structured to maximize value and minimize risk. If you're unsure which option is more appropriate for your needs, consider the following factors.

Risk and trust

For new clients, I always recommend a "Starter Project" as a risk-free trial of my services. Starter Projects typically run from start to finish in 30 days or less, with quotes in the ballpark of $1500-$5000. All Projects include a no-hassle termination policy that allow you to back out at any time before you receive the final deliverables, in case the Project doesn't go the way you hoped.

Fractional Developer Plans are better for clients already familiar with my high standards of quality and accountability.


Projects are the better option for short-term or one-off requests since they expire as soon as the project completes. Fractional Developer Plans are long-term contracts best-suited for larger initiatives and recurring workstreams.


Projects help you lock in a total price within your budget. Each Project includes an all-inclusive price quote that remains fixed regardless of how long it takes to complete. The trade-off is the limit I place on size and scope for a single Project. Larger initiatives need to be broken up into multiple "milestone" Projects, and I can't provide a quote for milestone two until milestone one is completed.

A Fractional Developer Plan offers a different form of price predictability. If you have a continuous stream of development work to get done, and can tolerate a bit of uncertainty regarding deadlines, you can lock in a fixed rate for several months.


A Fractional Developer Plan is the only way to guarantee access to my services. With a Plan, I reserve time on my calendar in advance to fulfill your requests each month, and I can attend recurring meetings with you and your team.

Requests for new Projects are subject to my current availability up until the contract is signed. Once signed, I do block off time on my calendar to execute the Project, based on my estimate of how long it will take.

Can I combine Projects with a Fractional Plan?

Yes, you can! Clients on a Fractional Development Plan may also take advantage of Projects as a means of controlling costs and timelines. For example, you could allocate Developer Days your to bug fixes and other regular maintenance tasks, while using Project contracts to build out major new features.

To avoid "double-dipping," I will never use your purchased Developer Days to complete a Project.

Do you offer an hourly rate?

I offer an hourly rate for the specific purpose of accomodating very small requests. To qualify for hourly billing, my estimate for the work to be doesn must be less than one day's effort. All hourly work is subject to my availability; that is, I don't reserve any time to complete hourly work, although I try to complete most requests within seven to ten days.

I generally encourage clients to submit groups of small tasks together as a single Project. This lets me offer a lower total price and greater availability.

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